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Oakley Moore

Ribbons Lampshade - Blue & Yellow

Ribbons Lampshade - Blue & Yellow

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Ribbons Lampshade in Blue & Yellow.

Combining Kate’s eye for pattern and colour, and Alvaro’s fashionably bold geometric graphics, each perforated lampshade diffuses glimmers of dappled list and is meticulously hand-made with love, care, and artistic flair to ensure every lampshade is unique.

Lead time 4-5 weeks.

Available in two sizes: 12" Empire or 7" Candle Clip-On:

Product Dimensions for Size 12” Empire Silhouette:
Top Diameter 6” / 15cm
Base Diameter 12” / 30cm
Slope 8” / 20cm

Product Dimensions for Size 7” Clip-On:
Top Diameter 4” / 10cm
Base Diameter 7” / 18cm
Slope 5.5” / 14cm

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